BeenVerified is, the most reliable and competent background check site one would ever get online. The site is so simple that it’s almost impossible to miss what you are looking for. The website initial background check has four amazingly basic search options; People Phone, Address and Email. With just a click, you will be provided with exactly what you interested in. Additionally, the website will also give you additional information in case you want more.
Background check

When it comes to finding someone’s information, BeenVerified is simply incredible. In fact, all you need to know before your search is the individual's name and state or nationality. With their numerous databases connectivity and data integrity, you finally get very resourceful information scoring in most of these databases. As would expect, just view your report with address and valuable information.

People search

With just typing the person of interest, BeenVerified will simply give you information in a matter of seconds. Of course, you may need to have additional information for better scoring. Occasionally, the site may produce more options to choose for based on your initial search information. Be sure to type the right person for better and original information.

Criminal background check

When in need of the most detailed report, just go to the BeenVerified website. The site gets you the most basic and detail of the person’s information. I mean all, from the criminal records, arrest, investigations, proceedings and even criminal activity. The site will also give the target any depositions and or any sentences.

Case study

For a better and genuine review of this website, you may decide to do what we did, do a background check on the CEO of BeenVerified, Josh Levy. With just a simple search of the name Josh Levy, we found 100 different records of the CEO. To fine tune and limit our search, we decide to include the name New York, the official headquarters of the company. As you would expect, the result narrows to about five records. From here, we can simply view the result and determine which; from the options provided is our target.
From here, there is an interesting turn of the event. You are simply requested to create an account and a password. Then, to get a more detailed final report, you will only be asked to sign up for a simple package that simply offers you unlimited access to such information from any part of the world for up to six months. Such reports could also include a listing of various another type of information such as speeding tickets, judgments and so on.

Key features

BeenVerified offer very useful and valuable information to its users, that can be used to get the specific target in seconds. The people search offers the best search options due to its simplicity and the bulk of information it produces. It’s quite easy to use, and even provide narrow down functionalities that are simply amazing. Obviously, such information depends on your ability to give accurate information on your person of interest. Of course, if you do not find exactly what you are looking for, you have additional options of including the person’s state, address or even email.
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