Instant Checkmate is an internet site and program that provides excellent background check services. With the help of this site, you can find out detailed information on nearly anyone, from phone numbers to addresses, or even every little detail in one's criminal records. Most of the data and information used for the conducted searches are acquired from quite a number of sources that are all public records, including national, state, and local databases. To top it off, the site uses a very efficient platform that is highly ideal for establishing a secure connection for each search.
Let's take a look at the main services offered by Instant Checkmate:

1) Background Search
This background check service is downright accurate as it involves over 30 different data points that delves into different public records systems and databases to narrow down searches. What's amazing is that you can start a search even if you have no major leads on your target. Of course, the more relevant details you provide for the background check search, the more accurate the results will be.

2) People Search
Just type in a name and state, and voila! The system will provide you with a list of individuals that match with your input. The site boasts of this feature, since basic people search is the most popular one among many. This feature can even extend its range into a national people search, being equipped and all with a vast number of online public records files and databases, why not?

3) Criminal Background Search
This option is the most comprehensive of all, showing not only the target's address history, but also the latter's state and federal criminal records as well. Arrest records, dispositions and sentences on any criminal activity are likewise shown in the results.

All of its services are set on reasonable and affordable prices. It even offers membership options, ranging from a single month, 3-month, or even 6-month membership plan, with all plans enjoying unlimited amount of searches and reports. It even has a special trial membership, which is really a smart move considering that many would like to take a sneak peek at what a legit background search can do.

Aside from the scoring high on reliability and methodology, another good point about this background check site is its advanced level of security. Background check searches are all on high rates of success because of an established and secure connection with legitimate sources. There is no issue at all about any compromise of private information since all search results are based only from public records.

One of the most important factor that leaves many people with the biggest impressions about the standing of a company is the way they treat their customers. Instant Checkmate exceeds expectations in this aspect. It provides a very helpful FAQ section, and it has an available toll-free phone line open 24 hours during weekdays and on extended hours on weekends.

The company can also be contacted via email. The company is very responsive and caring towards their consumers that it answers to any queries and concerns within a few hours. You may even contact the Company through social media.

In conclusion, Instant Checkmate does not put its name to shame as it delivers on what it promises. It serves its purpose beyond expectations by doing a superb job in its services.
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