PeopleLooker is elegant. There is no other search engine that can deliver comprehensive results at the cost of any other background check services.

PeopleLooker Highlights

• It is a beautiful design
• Has an affordable pricing
• Easy and convenient to use


• PeopleLookers has unlimited search engines.
• It has a simple and a serious interface
• It has a quite cheaper plan.
• It has a live coat runner


• It has got only one type search
• Some information may include additional fee
Seach options

PeopleLooker can run only a single type of search. That is, a search by surname and name. you can choose any state but you need a name and surname to start with.
Some background check websites reviewed had tons of search options, giving you much time, more flexible and enhancing you to run targeted searches for criminal records and also reverse phone and email lookups.
Once the initial list of results is populated by the background check service, you can now summarize your search by adding age,city, as well as the state. You will be prompted to add the person’s city and state when the first state is running.

Report information

PeopleLooker background check reports are very detailed and has all the information a search turns up.
Basic information; address history,age,name,known phone numbers and email addresses and also a list of known relative. You will also get any information required in details. This includes criminal,financial and license records. Information on the social media is also included.
Information which is not included in a standard background check report includes information on jugdements, liens and licenses. For you to get it, you need to pay an additional charge.
Extra money is charged if you require a live court runner. Most other background check websites charge an extra fee for the live court runner service.


PeopleLooker gets information for its reports from public records, social media networks and other online sources.
Information as to how often peopleLooker databases are updated could not be found although the researches are monitored.
To test for accuracy we run some preliminary searches. This includes the following subjects; infamous serial killer Jeffery Dahmer and hit Netflix series making a murder, Steven Avery.
It was difficult turning up any results for either Jaffery Dahmar or Steven Avery.

Ease of Use

PeoplLooker’s website is very easy to use.
The search widget is only only one. Here, you need to key in the personal details of the person you want to look up. Once the search is ongoing, the system will require you to include a city so as to further refine your search.
The search takes a very short time and you can narrow your search down once you get on the result page. You will also learn how to make a better search, like trying a maiden name.
The results shows the person details then you just click on that’s the one’.
The results may be quite detailed but PeopleLooker has a great design. Everything is subdivided into sections making it easy to skim through the report.

Customer support

PeopleLooker has a great customer support although it is not as strong as that of its opponents’ websites.
A live customer representative is only available for only ten hours on week days and eight hours on weekends while other background check services are available round the clock.


The subscription for PeopleLooker is progressively cheaper the more months paid for up front. A five-day trial is also available. A month subscription is $11.82 per month and a six month subscription is $7.82 per month.


PeopleLooker background check delivers fast results and accurate reports since it only has a single search option. This background check would be right for you because it is very flexible for tailored searches.
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