TruthFinder is a search website that allows you to conduct background checks on people living in the US. Through TruthFinder, you will gain access to necessary information such as criminal records, personal phone numbers, and their physical address.
Background check

For TruthFinder to provide this information, the web app will go through different databases such as county, state and federal databases. The app also looks at available public records such as birth and death certificate, marriage certificate, court proceedings, voter registration and social network data. Public records are not considered as private information. The results are displayed on your mobile, tablet or computer. Even though the app will give the information you need, it still maintains privacy and confidentiality.

People search

People search simply means conducting finding out someone’s information relevant to their past. TruthFinder mainly focuses on public records to obtain information. The Information of Information Act permits anyone to access such information should they request for it. However, the process is quite long. TruthFinder will grant you the information within a short time in a single report.
Simply enter the individual’s names and location. a page will appear displaying individual’s that meet your search. You can narrow the search by adding more information on the persona. Once you have singled out the person, click Access Report’ button. After loading, you will receive your background check report.
TruthFinder background check will give you access to civil judgments, corporate association, professional licenses, neighbors, permits, and tax information. There are much more.

Criminal background check

If you are going out on a date with someone, TruthFinder will help you to know the character of the person. TruthFinder will inform you if your date has a criminal record. TruthFinder looks for information on traffic, arrest, felonies, sexual assault, domestic violence, and misdemeanors. TruthFinder also lets you know the number of states your dates has reported records.

Case study

We decided to conduct our own search and see is it really that good. Our case study was a old lady who had relocated to California from Texas. The search results gave accurate results with correct address.
Finally, when the website found the right, it only gave us information that we could not find online. We requested for background information and specified that we wanted civil judgment on a recently concluded case.

When you call and ask to speak to the management, they are always available.  Our case study has prove fruitful as much as we had hoped.

Key features

TruthFinder background check is fast and comprehensive. Just like other sites, TruthFinder takes few minutes to load. It has a broad list of searches so it is your responsibility to narrow down the search. The information you get is just the same if not better as that found on other background check sites. Most customers are complaining about the site.
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